The PsalmSongs contributors

Project Development

John Woolley has been playing drums since the age of 11, with extensive experience of a wide range of rock, pop, jazz and worship bands including the inaugural one at his home church, St Paul’s Howell Hill. A trained journalist, he has been a senior director of a number of specialist international publishing, events and media businesses.  

Calvert Markham has regularly played sax and clarinet with worship bands at his home church, St Paul’s Howell Hill, for more than 30 years. His business career has been as a management consultant and trainer, and he has published several books on these topics.

Les King likes to take on a challenge, and to try his hand at anything. Years ago he helped build a website for his church, and so Simon Ward approached him to see if he could design and build a site for PsalmSongs. He couldn’t say no to this new challenge and then entered a steep learning curve – going backwards and forwards between being stressed out and feeling elated! Les spent his working life in law enforcement, including 32 years in the Metropolitan Police, but now he’s retired he has turned his hand to book publishing, print and design and, now, website building!!