Testimonials from folk who have been involved with the PsalmSongs Project

"I really enjoyed leading a study (Psalm 96) in my Life Group and the guide provides enough information and guidance that, if you don’t have enough time to do in depth study of your own, gives you plenty to lead on. I felt the group really engaged in the study and enjoyed it."
Bob Brownjohn
"My wife and I are co-leaders of a Life Group at our church. We were asked by Simon Ward to trial the Psalmsongs course. It has proved to be a really good resource which we can thoroughly recommend other groups to use. The CD “Declare His Glory” is terrific, and the study guide and questions have been most stimulating"
Les King
"I am a Life Group leader and this term my Life Group have trialed the “Psalmsongs” study. It has been immensely successful, and everyone has really enjoyed it and learned from it. The songs were excellent and the video introductions were very helpful, and the questions gave us plenty to discuss. A very good Study course – highly recommended."
John Woolley
“Simon Ward is a passionate, creative, faith-filled communicator who somehow combines high-powered leadership in the fashion industry with down-to-earth spirituality and kindness.”
Pete Greig
24-7 Prayer
“Simon combines a deep love of the Psalms, an infectious passion for relating faith to the whole of life, and a keen eye for an excellent photograph. I commend this book [Riding the Tide] wholeheartedly.”
Richard Higginson
Faith in Business
Simon Ward and his Group are to be congratulated on PSALMSONGS. I was introduced to them at our
Mid- Week Focus and was exhilarated by the brilliant arrangement of voice and instruments. Immediately I had to get a copy of the CD which was no disappointment. Simon’s genre is new in the sense that it is a 21st century version of the original and ancient “words of God”, expressed by the various psalmists, yet it reflects the original. I know that if King David got hold of the CD, he would be very happy with today's musical instruments and would be as delighted as I am with the whole production. The group captures the changing mood of one Psalm to the next and within each Psalm from sadness to joy.
Joe Stewart