I was delighted to be given the chance to build the PsalmSongs website. With only limited previous experience, it was a very steep learning curve to create a site that looked and functioned in a way needed to support and promote the multi-media course and events.

As a relative newcomer, there was much to get my head around to include the varied content and set up the different links needed to Youtube videos, song samples, connecting other other websites, including the Eventbrite event booking system, and setting up a blog page that others can submit content to.

Configuring the site so it worked equally well on laptop, mobile and tablet was a challenge in itself.

Whilst the process was pretty stressful at times, with the launch event deadline looming ever closer, it was very rewarding and we were all pleased with the final product - with plenty of opportunity to upgrade the site as the PsalmSongs Project develops.

I have also used the PsalmSongs Course in my church Life Group and therefore have enjoyed seeing the project from both ends. It’s a great Course, that draws in all members of the group through its use of different media. I’m looking forward to seeing how others engage with the Project by submitting their own ideas. All in all, I would thoroughly recommend attending the Live events, using the the Course, and getting involved in the Project yourself.

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