In The Footsteps of the King tracks through Luke’s Gospel, exploring how Jesus’ example and teaching set a practical model for our lives today. It’s five-a-day format brings together a short passage from Luke, an image to stimulate the imagination, a reflection on how the verses relate to the 21st Century, key Bible verses to ponder, and a prayer to seal in the nourishment.

Sometimes challenging, often expansive, occasionally tongue in cheek, the author’s hope and prayer is that you will discover more of Jesus and how He can be your daily companion on life’s often twisting path.

Riding the Tide is a collection of reflections, readings and thoughts on Psalms for busy people, searching for peace amidst life’s ebb and flow. Arranged in three “cycles”, similar themed psalms are grouped together and complemented with daily devotional readings. Each seeks to draw the reader into a more intimate relationship with God, spanning the whole of life, not just our “spiritual lives”.

The book is finished in full colour and is full of beautiful and creative photos, the majority of which have been taken by the author. It is designed with busy people in mind and aims to help you connect with God on the go – over breakfast, on the train, over coffee… whenever and wherever. Words and images help the reader to find stillness and peace, despite the rush of life.

What others are saying…
“Simon Ward is a passionate, creative, faith-filled communicator who somehow combines high-powered leadership in the fashion industry with down-to-earth spirituality and kindness.” – PETE GREIG, 24-7 PRAYER

“Simon combines a deep love of the Psalms, an infectious passion for relating faith to the whole of life, and a keen eye for an excellent photograph. I commend this book wholeheartedly.” – RICHARD HIGGINSON, RIDLEY HALL, FAITH IN BUSINESS

The Character of Fashion: If God Was Boss Where I Work, How Might He Run Things? (Multi-Talented God)