About the PsalmSongs Project

Engaging with Psalmsongs 

as a church

introducing church leaders and members to a new resource that gives fresh awareness of the Bible’s power to transform 21st Century lives

introductory events

PsalmSongs website


Engaging with Psalmsongs 

as a small group

an enjoyable small group course easily accessible to different ‘learning styles’ through a variety of media

Engaging with development

of the Psalmsongs Project

an opportunity for creatives to get involved and make their own contribution to the PsalmSongs experience

creating music videos

sharing faith stories

what to expect “The PsalmSongs course gave my group a deeper understanding of the Psalms, opening up discussion and debate about their relevance to the group members and today’s society; and opportunities to identify how the message of the Psalms can support, influence and help each of us develop our own Christian life.”  small group leader